Sleeping comfort made easy

Offer your guests optimum comfort and convenience. In ferry cabins. At a youth hostel. Or in a holiday village. Cellcomb HomeAway bedding and towels in Biolam® or Hygilam® are eco-friendly alternatives to textiles. In other words, you can offer an unbroken night’s sleep in comfortable bedding that feels as soft as cotton and can be composted or sorted for energy recovery.


Cellcomb HomeAway is a range of eco-friendly bedding and towels for short-term use, ideal as an alternative to textile bedding without compromising on comfort. The benefits are clear. For instance, you can simplify the handling of used products and avoid the costs of keeping your textiles in circulation. Conventional disposable products are often perceived as scratchy and uncomfortable, but thanks to innovation and environmentally considerate product development, we can porudly say that Cellcomb’s products offer a cleraly more cottonlike feel in a neat, light and recyclable packaging.


Cellcomb HomeAway comes in two environmentally friendly materials: Biolam® and Hygilam®. Biolam® products are compostable with a very high level of comfort and convenience. The raw materials are from renewable sources throughout. Hygilam® products are slightly more long-lasting and can be sorted with waste for energy recovery. Bottom sheets and pillow cases can be supplemented with an equally eco- friendly, starch-based biofilm added to protect against bacteria and fluids.


The bedding can be ordered with or without a protective starch-based biofilm barrier for extra protection against dampness and fluids. This is an added benefit as mattresses, duvets and pillows don’t need to be changed as often.


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