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Swedish company Cellcomb granted EU’s support for enironmentally friendly absorbent


One of Paper Province’s member companies, Cellcomb from Säffle, has been selected EU’s support for small and medium-sized companies, called SME Instruments.

Cellcomb specializes in developing and manufacturing environmentally friendly products properties for single use, such as disposable in-hospital items, environmentally friendly bedding and degradable absorbents for food packaging.

“With the ongoing European plastic- and chemical debate this is great chance for our company. We are very proud to have received this support”, says Henric Nedéus, CEO of Cellcomb.

The EU support that Cellcomb has now been granted is highly attractive. Only eight percent of the total of nearly 47,000 applicants are given the opportunity to be included in Phase 1, which means financial contribution of half a million SEK. When a company has been granted support in phase 1, the chances of funds inphase 2 are much larger, in which case the support is about several tens of millions.

Large growth potential

Companies like Cellcomb are important for EU growth as the biggest growth potential in Europe is both innovative and producing companies.

”It is only the most promising companies that are granted the favorable financing of SME Instruments. Those companies ar named “crème de la crème” in Brussels, says Christin Vännmann at Research Institute of Sweden, RISE.


The justification for EU support reads:

Cellsorb introduces a completely safe, non-toxic absorbent made from bioplastics and highly absorbent cellulose-based alternatives from forest raw materials such as:

1) absorbs several times its own weight compared to synthetic food absorbers

2) is fully compostable and one hundred percent renewable

3) has a competitive pricing