Great price and function made Nordlandssykehuset choose Cellcomb’s single use products

When Nordlandssykehuset HF in Bodø and two of their hospitals in Lofoten and Vesterålen, Norway, needed a new range of disposable products they chose Cellcomb Healthcare. The result? A simple and hygienic alternative to other disposable products and cotton textiles.

– We have several different products in use, says Børre Johnsen, Disease Control Manager at Nordlandssykehuset. Surgical sheets, examination underlays, wash cloths, towels and bedding. One of the reasons we chose Cellcomb was the combination of great function and, frankly, a reasonable price.

One of the most important aspects for any hospital to consider when chosing disposable products is hygiene.
-For example, we use the bedding in the maternity wards, says Børre. That means we don’t have to disinfect the beds after use because the biofilm barriers are that good. It also means a lot less work for our personnel. We used to have products made entirely of paper, but they didn’t last very long and didn’t stop leakage like Cellcomb’s products do.

-The environmental aspect is of course important, says Børre. We have conducted successful composting tests with our waste management suppliers, but for now we can’t compost any materials. We do sort all of our used disposables for energy recovery.