“DIN CERTCO operates a certification scheme for compostable products made of biodegradable materials and licenses the use of the corresponding Mark developed by European Bioplastics (the former IBAW Interest Group for Biodegradable Materials).

Certification is here an integral part of an industrial recycling system. It enables compostable products to be identified by a unique mark and channelled for recovery of their constituent materials in specially developed processes. The Compostability Mark thus conveys product information to waste-disposal plant operators and product image to consumers.”3

Cellcomb Biolam® Foodpad is certified with the DIN CERTCO Mark for compostability and bio-degradability. We believe that this is an important statement to make in the developing food industry.

3 Hemsida Din Certco, http://www.dincertco.de/en/products_made_of_compostable_materials.html, 2013-04-12, 10:32