Areas of use

Cellcomb’s closed food pad is placed on the bottom of a tray or suitable food packaging.
Superfluous liquids from the food stuff will pass through the bottom layer and are absorbed by the pure celloluse pulp kernel.
The top film is completely closed to prevent an undesired active absorbtion.
The liquids are sealed inside the kernel for a prolonged period of time. Since the pad is closed, no part of the kernel will ever come in contact with the food stuff, for maximum food safety.


One occasion where you certainly need a reliable absorber is when transporting fish. The fish is often covered with ice before transport, and during transport the ice melts and mixes with both water and fish remains. Thanks to its very strong and unique absorption capacity Cellcomb Foodpads’ innovative Fishpad will help keeping the seafood fresh, even when the water is salty and impure.

Fruit and berries

When transporting fruit and berries, the absorber has the same functions as mentioned above, but it can also work as a shock absorber, avoiding damage to the transported goods.

Meat, poultry and vegetables

Poultry, meat and vegetables are often sold lying in trays; place any of our Cellsorb assortement absorber in bottom to aquire your desired target.
The eco-friendly profile throughout the whole assorment makes it easy to have both sustainable solutions together with the best functions.