Areas of use

Within the business area of Cellcomb Healthcare there is a wide variety of products for single or short time usage. Absorbing protection sheets belong to our most popular products and are used primarily where risk of leakage is inevitable. Cellcomfort is a type of protection sheet devoted to elder care and medical areas of incontinence. This particular sheet is much appreciated due to its cottonlike feel, low rustle and small consumption of shelf space. Cellcomfort is a sturdy sheet that can manage the weight of person for turning.

Absorbing sturdy materials are also necessary to come about in for example surgery where we sell a number of products that are pliable, comfortable, strong and absorbing.

In several hospital departments where there is a risk of contamination spread, Cellcomb’s protection sheets and bedding are of great use. The lining is preferably incinerated instead of washed, and hence you eliminate any hazardous bacteria and save time thanks to facilitated handling.

In child care a mattress cover is a must have, and we offer several options, even one that is bio-degradable. Super soft washing cloths with great absorption capacity are also products well used and well liked. Breathable aprons with protective film are a new product that come in handy in these areas.

Cellcomb produce and sell pillow cases, protective sheets, bedding and various sorts of covers that are both environmentally friendly and succeed the high demands and legislation of the medical healthcare.