Mattress covers and hygienic underlays

The healthcare and elderly care sectors place high demands on hygiene, safety and comfort. This is ultimately about quality of life for patients and their families, and about a good work environment for staff. Cellcomb’s disposable laminated mattress covers and hygienic underlays in Biolam® and Hygilam® are available with a variety of combined properties, such as strength, absorbtion and comfort, and provide an effective barrier against bacteria, microorganisms and fluid leakage.


Cellcomb’s mattress covers and hygienic underlays can be used as:

  • Incontinence sheets
  • Cytostatic underlays
  • Sampling underlays

In an environment where hygiene and safety are top priorities, it’s important that all the materials do their job. Our range includes a wide variety of laminate products that meet all kinds of requirements on absorbency, strength and comfort. However, the lowest common denominator is that they are hardwearing, absorb well and provide excellent protection against bacteria, microorganisms and fluids.


Biolam® gives you a compostable product made of renewable raw materials.






Hygilam® can partly be made of raw materials from renewable sources, and are ideal for separating for energy recovery after use.


Mattress covers and hygienic underlays can be ordered in sizes of 150×200 mm up to 1800×3000 mm. They come folded and packed in a box.