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Hygiene ►

Efficient production and high capacity of roll goods in Biolam ® or Hygilam ® makes Cellcomb a natural partner for manufacturers of hygiene products.
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Healthcare ►

Eco-friendly disposable products for healthcare. Cellcombs laminated products for short-term use are adapted for medical care, elderly care and other facilities where hygiene and convenience are top priority.
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Food absorbers ►

Cellcomb specialize in highly absorbing eco-friendly alternatives to traditional absorbents and other products that come into contact with food.
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HomeAway ►

Eco-friendly bedding and towels. Cellcomb HomeAway bedding and towels in Biolam® or Hygilam® is the environmentally friendly alternative to textiles.
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Environmental friendly laminated products

Cellcomb develops and manufactures environmentally friendly disposable laminate products for environments where there are high demands on hygiene, comfort and safety. When it comes to flexibility, know-how and environmental responsibility, we are one of Europe’s leading manufacturers in our industry. Read more about Cellcomb →