Areas of use

Cellcomb’s environmentally friendly bedding and towels suit several occasions. They are a good option when you want to sleep in comfortable cottonlike sheets, but be relieved of doing the laundry. Some good examples are when camping, at sport cups, festivals and other situations where you want to offer a good night’s sleep in soft sheets, but avoid costs and unnecessary handling.

At camps, cups and festivals

Performing these activities, spending the night out of town is often necessary, sometimes for as long as a week. Cellcomb’s bedding can offer you a comfortable sleepover while saving the environment. As a plus, you don’t need to bring any dirty washing with you back home.

On the road and on the sea

Cellcomb HomeAway bedding and towels made of Hygilam® or eco-labelled Biolam® are environmentally friendlyalternatives to textile sheets. At places where there is might be restriction on water use such as in the caravan,in the cabin or out in the archipelago, you will probably value a type of bedding that need not be laundered, and consumes very little space. Cellcomb HomeAway’s light, neat and nice bedding will easily become the number one option.

Sponsoring, profiling and sponsorship

A unique eco-friendly bedset can become a much appraised give-away for both employees and clients. Everyone needs to sleep, thus this is a sympathetic, eco-friendly and useable product. The packaging is rectangular and convenient for marking or attaching a message on the frontside. Do not hesitate to contact the responsible sales manager to discuss possible uses of a bedset as a gift.

Sports clubs, teams and sponsorships

Make some money on bedding! Cellcomb’s disposable bedding is packed in consumer friendly sets consisting of a sheet, a duvet cover and a pillow case. By selling these to your friends and neighbours your team can quickly earn some cash.

While camping and in the holiday cottage

Our eco-friendly bedding and towels are getting more and more appreciated on both camp sites and in hostels. It is now possible to offer your guests high comfort on your room, in the dorm, at the hostel and in the cottage, but still make a conscious choice since Cellcomb HomeAway’s range of bedding is environmentally friendly and some products wear the EU Ecolabel. The sheets, covers and towels can be sold in consumer friendly sets, if wished for, placed neatly in a functional sales rack.