Hygiene laminates on rolls

Efficient production and high-capacity Biolam® and Hygilam®laminates on rolls make Cellcomb  a natural partner for manufacturers of hygiene products. Cellcomb’s products are used where the demands on comfort, function and hygiene are high, and several of the products are made from raw materials that come from renewable sources and are compostable. Our plant in Säffle has a high laminate production capacity – as much as 350 million square meters per year.


The basic materials in our hygienic roll laminates are nonwoven viscose or polypropylene (spunlace/spunbond), tissue or airlaid and starch-based biofilm or PE film. The resulting laminate is strong and comfortable, and is ideal for a range of uses – for instance as a textile backing on nappies, or as packaging for individually packed panty liners. The laminate is also made from raw materials that come from renewable sources and is compostable.

Protection against bactera, micro organisms and fluids

The materials in our hygienic laminates provide an excellent barrier against bacteria, microorganisms and fluids. Cellcomb Biolam®gives you a compostable product made of renewable raw materials. Cellcomb Hygilam® is ideal for separation for energy recovery after use. Both Cellcomb Biolam® and Cellcomb Hygilam® are biocompatible, which means they work well alongside organic tissue.



Cellcomb  has 2 lamination lines – one for water-based glues (LM1) and one for hot-melt adhesive (LM2). The LM1 line can produce laminated roll goods widths up to 180 cm with a diameter up to 140 cm. The corresponding sizes for the LM2 line is widths up to 200 cm with a diameter up to 150 cm. Our roller can handle width up to 180 cm with diameters up to 120 cm. The thickness of the finished product varies – we are able to produce thicknesses from 10 µm and upwards.