Laminates for industry

Cellcomb manufactures laminated roll goods for use in a great number of applications – and so far we have only begun to develop new areas where our laminates suit our customers’ needs. We offer quality, efficiency and high capacity and at our plant in Säffle, Sweden, we are able to produce a total of 350 million m2 of laminates per year. Read on to find out more about the techniques and materials we use.


Cellcomb has 2 lamination lines – one for water-based glues (LM1) and one for hot-melt adhesive (LM2). The LM1 line can produce laminated roll goods widths between 85 and 180 cm. The corresponding sizes for the LM2 line is between 70 and 200 cm. Our roller can handle diameters up to 105 cm.


The basic components of our laminates are tissue, several types of nonwoven and various types of paper as well as polyethene/polypropylene film or starch-based biofilm. The types of nonwoven we use are PLA, spunbond viscose, viscose/polyester, polypropylene and different kinds of airlaid. All of these materials can be combined in several different ways according to your needs.

The thickness of the finished product varies – we are able to produce thicknesses from 8 μm and up.

Possible uses

Our laminates can easily be produced for and applied in several different types of industries, e g the automotive and construction industries as well as the hygienic products manufacturing industry. You will find examples of our laminate products described in detail in the sections Surgical Laminates and The Eco-Friendly Packaging of the Future.